Buy Video

The full video is available as a direct download. It's $14 for a 21-minute video jam-packed with info which might save your life. In addition to the video you also get:

1. An 8 page PDF of plans I drew up of what I built and some illustrations to better explain key stages of construction.

2. A spreadsheet for calculating material requirements and costs for different shelter sizes. Enter in material costs for your area, punch in the desired shelter size, and it will provide details on interier square feet, materials needed, cost per square foot, and more.

3. A two page step-by-step walk through/todo list with tips for. With large projects it can be hard to know where to start or what to do next; this document will help with this by breaking the construction process down into 11 major steps and then further breaking down the major steps into sub steps.

If you buy the video and don't like it, or don't think it's worth the money (and tell me within a month) I'll refund your money.

You can purchase using the Paypal link below - after purchasing you will get an email with a link in it to the video - you can watch it online and save it for later viewing.